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Viral Optical Illusion Has People Convinced They're Looking At A Beach—But It's Actually A Car

Viral Optical Illusion Has People Convinced They're Looking At A Beach—But It's Actually A Car

Many will remember those few, exciting times when a teacher broke out the optical illusions.

For a few stolen, exciting moments the teacher became just about as close to a magician as they ever would. We saw things and were told the picture was something else, and we stared until the other perspective popped out at us.

In a blast from the past, people across the internet are being driven nuts by an optical illusion posted on TikTok.

Some are enjoying the weird brain moment in their day. Some, just like back in the day, have found themselves staring and staring, and waiting to see what everyone else is talking about.

The image was posted by TikToker Hectic Nick, and it will likely appear to many as a dark, gloomy picture of a shoreline.


But as Hectic Nick explained in his video, it's actually something quite different.


Can anyone see what it REALLY is? 🤯#sugercrash #trick #fyp

TikTokers who saw the image both ways were thrilled to be on board.


Kevi Kevi/TikTok

Carlie Zarbo/TikTok

Others, just like old times, were struggling.

Bryce Canada/TikTok

the pretty gold/TikTok


Random @'s/TikTok


Whether people enjoyed the illusion or felt completely stumped and frustrated, the good news is Hectic Nick's TikTok profile has whole slew of other illusions to have fun with.

This one, for example, appears to show a normal picture of Harry Styles oriented upside down. But flip the image over and you'll soon find that there's nothing normal about that picture at all.


No reason to flip your phone!

Or this one, which allows viewers to look closely at a grid of lines, which take on strange properties the longer they stare.


Tag someone once you see it 😳

So just in case you were feeling a palpable lack of optical illusions in your life since you left third grade, fear not. TikTok is here to keep us all staring confusedly.