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OnlyFans Model Speaks Out After Claiming She Was Kicked Out Of Grocery Store For Being 'Hot'

OnlyFans Model Speaks Out After Claiming She Was Kicked Out Of Grocery Store For Being 'Hot'

Sometimes when we hear about something that happened to a friend, we involuntarily raise our eyebrows or side-eye them, wondering what they left out of their story.

That was exactly how Twitter collectively felt after an Instagram influencer and OnlyFans model, Iara Ferreira, revealed she had been "humiliated" and kicked out of a supermarket for being "too hot."

Ferreira explained that she was visiting Miama, Florida, and attempted to enter a supermarket in town. But despite being the only customer at the store, she was asked to leave by the male employee in attendance.

Not only did she believe that the employee made her leave because of her appearance, but she also believed that he recognized her from her work online and was holding that against her.

The model had a theory about why she was asked to leave.

"I felt humiliated. I was in shock when he took me out of the market screaming."
"My look was not scandalous. I wear it in Brazil, on a daily basis, and I never went through that."
"The employee accused me of something I didn't do."
"For me, it's prejudice just because I'm hot."

Ferreira also expanded on her theory, assuming some would hold her OnlyFans account against her.

"I've recorded in public, but always in a discreet way, without embarrassing other people."
"And the employee recognized me. He knew what he was saying and doing."
"He commented that he knew me from OnlyFans. It was a shame."

Some rolled their eyes at the idea of being kicked out over being "hot."

Others agreed and assumed there was more to the story than the influencer's appearance.

The model did not disclose what she was wearing at the time of the incident, nor the name of the supermarket she was visiting, only that it was located in Miami, Florida.

But Twitter was fairly convinced that there had to be more to the story. Perhaps she wasn't wearing the appropriate attire for anyone to enter the store, or perhaps she was filming in a "discreet" way without permission.

Whatever actually happened, this incident likely earned the model a spike of attention on her Instagram and OnlyFans accounts.