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Ohio Woman Calls Sheriff On 9-Year-Old Girl For Writing 'Black Lives Matter' In Chalk Outside Her Own House

Ohio Woman Calls Sheriff On 9-Year-Old Girl For Writing 'Black Lives Matter' In Chalk Outside Her Own House
Jenna Parker Acklin/Facebook

There's been yet another incident of a person calling law enforcement on their neighbor for supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, but this time it was a nine-year-old child on whom the person called their local sheriff's department. And the supposed crime she committed was chalking "Black Lives Matter" on the ground outside her own house.

Nine-year-old Mira Acklin lives in Fairfield County, Ohio. She decided to take her passion for racial justice to the streets in the only way a child really can—by drawing "Black Lives Matter" onto the street in front of her house in sidewalk chalk.

But the Acklins' neighbor, a woman named Billie, was offended by the chalk drawing and decided to call the Fairfield County Sheriff Department on the child.

Mira's mother, Jenna Parker Acklin, told the full story on her Facebook page.

The full post reads:

"Sweet Mira asked if she could chalk 'Black Lives Matter' to show her love. Absolutely! So proud of her kind heart!"
"Aaaand, then 2 cruisers rolled up because the nasty neighbor called the police on my 9 year old. She reported people yelling and painting in the street. (Liar, liar, pants on fire!) Mira was chalking by herself and I was reading on the porch swing."

Luckily the deputies weren't buying what Billie was selling.

"The deputies looked at the neighbor and said, 'It's chalk.' They also told us they agree with the statement 'Black Lives Matter' and encouraged us to write it larger! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I told the deputies I was sorry they were called out and told them I care about their safety and appreciate the work they do."
"I do not regret letting Mira express herself. She is upset and scared but I explained Billie (nasty neighbor) is an example of why we must speak up. Billie screaming 'This neighborhood is going to hell!' over and over again because my daughter wanted to show love speaks volumes."

Neighbor Billie even inspired this mom to add some new decor to her home.

"I'm now thinking we need a Pride flag and a BLM flag. Thanks for the push, Billie!"

Speaking to the Columbus, Ohio CBS affiliate WBNS, Mira talked about what motivated her to make the chalk art in front of her house.

"I think that black and white people they should be treated the same, and I wanted to show my support and how much I really care about black people."

On Facebook, people were firmly in support of Mira and inspired by her activism.

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Though young Mira told WBNS that the incident left her "scared" and "shaking," it has not even remotely deterred her from standing up for what she believes.

"I'm so glad that it has spread the way It has and I hope that people chalk their own walls and driveways."

Right on, Mira!