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South Carolina Woman Charged After Exposing Herself While Harassing Kids For Writing 'Black Lives Matter' In Sand

J. Reuben Long Detention Center

In these chaotic and conflict-ridden times, it can sometimes be difficult to know how to handle disagreements with your fellow citizens. May we suggest, though, choosing a tactic that is not exposing yourself, especially when there are children around?

That's how a South Carolina woman decided to one-up some people she got into an altercation with at a beach, and it landed her in jail on indecent exposure charges.

The incident occurred in the city of Surfside Beach, South Carolina. According to local police, a group of children were writing "Black Lives Matter" and "defund the police" in the sand. Some people sitting nearby became offended by the slogans, and began erasing the children's words.

An argument soon ensued between the children's parents and the offended bystanders, and as things became heated, both parties began recording the altercation on their phones.

And that's when one of the anti-BLM parties, 53-year-old Kimberly Eugenia Allen from nearby Gaffney, South Carolina, decided to expose her breasts.

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That's certainly... one way to handle a conflict...

Unfortunately for Allen, though, according to police her breasts were visible not only to two adults but also to three of the children. That's the sort of thing the law enforcement business likes to call "indecent exposure," which is precisely what Ms. Allen was charged with.

When questioned by police, Allen admitted to erasing the kids' words from the beach and getting into an argument, and conceded that she was wrong. She also offered an apology for her actions. But in the end, that wasn't enough to keep her from doing a stint at the J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

On Twitter, people weren't quite sure what to make of this whole thing.

Ms. Allen has since been released from the detention center on $1000 bond, according to local CBS affiliate WBTW.