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New York Cop Sidelined After Aggressively Arresting EMT Who Hit His Car With Ambulance Door

New York Cop Sidelined After Aggressively Arresting EMT Who Hit His Car With Ambulance Door

A police investigator in Rochester, New York was placed on administrative duty after aggressively detaining an EMT who reportedly hit the police car with the ambulance door while she was unloading a patient.

The police car was apparently parked in an ambulance bay in front of the emergency room at Strong Memorial Hospital.

The investigator waiting to go inside for a case was parked in the area reserved for emergency vehicles only.

According to News10NBC, the EMT hit the police vehicle with the ambulance door while unloading a patient.

The investigator reportedly "insisted" on getting the EMT's identification but she "insisted" on getting the patient to the emergency room first. She proceeded into the hospital with the patient which appeared to enrage the police investigator.

News10NBC Investigative Reporter Jennifer Lewke shared obtained surveillance footage of the hospital check-in area showing the investigator approaching the EMT, slamming her against a wall and handcuffing her before forcibly taking her out to the police vehicle.

On Friday, Monroe Ambulance issued a statement, calling the detained EMT a "highly valued employee" who was "put in an untenable situation."

"We steadfastly stand by her prioritization of the care for her patient and are blessed by your willingness to publicly support her patient advocacy."
"This incident was perpetrated by a single individual and subject to investigation by his employer, everyone is entitled to due process regardless of opinion. We trust that the matter will be disposed of appropriately and responsibly."

The EMT was released from custody without being charged or ticketed.

A statement from the Rochester Police Department said Rochester Police Chief David Smith was notified of the incident that took place on July 11, 2022 and immediately called for an internal investigation.

They said the investigator seen in the footage was placed on administrative assignment.

Police Chief David Smith said:

“I have high expectations for all members of the Rochester Police Department."
"Obviously, this incident is deeply concerning to me."

Smith added:

"As a result of this interaction at Strong Hospital, I have directed our Professional Standards Section to initiate an internal investigation."
"The member involved has been re-assigned to administrative duties, pending the results of this investigation."
"As Chief, I demand the members of the Rochester Police Department perform their duties in a professional manner. And as such, we must hold ourselves to a high standard of accountability."

The City of Rochester Police Accountability Board said they were also apprised of the incident and are currently in the process of reviewing the information.

The Board stated:

"Incidents like this, along with the nearly 100 additional reports the PAB received since opening our doors, continue to highlight the need for independent investigations into allegations of police misconduct."