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ER Nurse Stunned After Uber Eats Driver Won't Stop Harassing Her After Delivering Her Food

ER Nurse Stunned After Uber Eats Driver Won't Stop Harassing Her After Delivering Her Food

Upon completing a 12-and-a-half hour shift, all A+E (emergency room) nurse Justine wanted to do was go home and enjoy some delivery from Uber Eats.

But when her delivery arrived, it came with far more than just the McDonald's breakfast she ordered.

Justine recounted her bizarre, rather unsettling experience in a video posted to her TikTok page (@justinejhxo), which has gone on to receive 1.6 million views.



pov you finish a 12.5 hr shift in a&e and get harassed by your Uber eats driver #ubereats @Uber Eats sort your people out smh #fyp #LinkBudsNeverOff

Hash brown still in hand, Justine revealed how, after she came home from her lengthy shift at the hospital, the first thing she did was order breakfast from McDonalds.

But when her food arrived, her Uber Eats delivery man proved to be quite the conversationalist, something the exhausted Justine simply didn't have patience for.

"He starts talking too much, so I was like 'I need to go to sleep, I'm going back in, bye, thank you so much, bye."

Justine thought that would be the last she'd hear from him, until he began to message her on the Uber Eats app, as well as by text from his personal phone number.

"He kept calling me from different mobile numbers."
"And he was lingering outside my flat, and I live alone."

Justine shared two screenshots—one of a number of texts Justine's Uber Eats driver sent her, the other of messages he sent to her through the Uber Eats app.

One of the texts her driver sent her inquired about her current relationship status.

"You're single? Married? You have boyfriend?"

In an effort to put a stop to this and finally get him to leave, Justine told the driver that she had a boyfriend, which seemed to send him away.

But just as she began to rate her experience with Uber Eats on the app, she received yet another phone call from her driver, giving Justine an unsettling reminder that her driver had both her home address as well as her personal phone number.

"Man starts ringing me on my mobile."
"Not only does this man have my mobile number now, he has my address."

Justine ended the video simply stating "I'm tired", though one imagines she was a little scared as well.

Viewers of her video were certainly scared for her, urging her to report him to Uber Eats, if not the police as well.






Others bemoaned the fact that women have to experience situations like this all too frequently, with some offering Justine tips on how to avoid this going forward, and others sharing similar experiences.






After multiple requests from her TikTok followers, Justine posted a video update on the situation.


Reply to @travelstudentelle ty for ur concern 🥲🥺 #fyp #ubereats

Justine revealed that she did report the driver to Uber Eats, but did not call the police.

"I did report the driver to Uber Eats, who just sort of came back to me and said 'sorry that happened, we're gonna deal with it and speak to the driver because it's inappropriate'."
"I didn't speak to the police because I doubt they'll do comment."

Justine also shared her intentions of deleting the Uber Eats app from her phone, seeing the money she'll save from no longer getting delivery as the bright side to her experience.

Justine also addressed how a sizable number of female TikTokers shared they went through previous experiences in the first video's comments.

"Judging by the comments it's happened to a lot of women, which isn't ok."
"But am I surprised? No."
"It's just a shame."

Uber Eats subsequently released a statement to Indy100 regarding the incident, saying:

"What has been reported is totally unacceptable and we are currently investigating this incident."
"Couriers found to have behaved in this way face permanent removal from the app."