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Nick Jonas Celebrates His Brother and Sister-In-Law's Anniversary By Comparing Their Marriage To A Zit—And We've Got Questions 🤔

Instagram: @nickjonas

Metaphors: they can be as beautiful as the finest paintings, as moving as the loveliest symphonies, as sweet as a summer's breeze.

Or, if you're Nick Jonas, they can be about zits.

(And fine, technically those were all similes but I'm on a deadline here.)

The youngest member of the iconic 2000s boy band Jonas Brothers recently marked his older brother Kevin's ninth wedding anniversary with an Instagram post that was sincere, heartfelt and also for some reason very much about zits.

The post starts out very relatable: on the day of Kevin's wedding to his wife Danielle back in 2009, then 17-year-old Nick had what he describes as "an enormous zit" smack dab in the middle of his forehead.

He writes in the post's caption:

"I was 17 and beyond embarrassed, given there were 400+ guests and pictures that the world would see..."

Who among us hasn't been there in our teen years?!

I once skipped a birthday party that was only 15 people because of a zit, let alone a 400+-attendee wedding.

Zits are serious business when you're 17!

Jonas goes on to talk about how his brother and new sister-in-law comforted him, telling him no one would notice.


But then things take a turn...

"My zit faded away after a about a week but their love endures forever."

Which, you know, we get what he means! And it's very sweet! You gotta give him that. And it's definitely a bold choice!

There were many--some may say innumerable--choices of metaphor for marital devotion, and this "zits fade but your love doesn't, congrats" metaphor is one of those many choices. And all choices are valid! And that is all we're going to say, because it's the season of giving!

Anyway, if you also feel that Jonas's choice was... interesting, you're not alone.

Many internet folk were intrigued as well.

Some were even moved by the metaphor.

You could say they were so full of feels they were ready to pop (heh).

Anyway, no word on whether there were any acne issues for Nick at the two lavish ceremonies in which Nick himself recently married actress Priyanka Chopra, but the use of metaphor in their vows was surely on point!