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Nick Cannon Reveals Ex-Wife Mariah Carey's Reaction To Him Fathering 10 More Kids After Divorce

Cannon and Carey, who were together from 2008 until 2014, share two children together.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Peanut butter and jelly. Cats and yarn. Nick Cannon and being a father to rather a lot of kids by different women.

Some things are just known to go together these days. Cannon recently was interviewed and commented on two of his children with his ex-wife the singer Mariah Carey, and how they were getting on these days after their 6 year marriage and divorce in 2014.

Carey, it seems, drew a hard boundary around herself and her kids with Cannon, saying his "kids won't tear up my house."

Also in the interview, Cannon alleged instead of Cannon missing out on a relationship with Carey, she fumbled the situation with him.

Folks were wondering why he's out doing interviews about his kids and relationship with one of their mothers when perhaps he needs to be interviewed by his children.

Many people came away from his interview with a re-found appreciation for Mariah Carey's attitude towards him and his shenanigans.

People were delighted by her having declared Cannon's other issues not allowed in her space.

In fact, people really doubted his assertion that perhaps Mariah Carey fumbled keeping a guy like Cannon around.

'Keep her name out of your mouth' was very much the theme among a vocal group of Carey supporters.

In conclusion, the act of fathering 10 kids with 5 women in such a short amount of time can seem a bit surreal.

Cannon says in the interview he is taking time for himself and his children right now.