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Newsmax Host Speculates The Lucky Charms Leprechaun Is Gay In Homophobic Rant

Newsmax Host Speculates The Lucky Charms Leprechaun Is Gay In Homophobic Rant

Well, it's officially LGBTQ+ Pride Month in the USA and several other countries. That means it's time for the cherished annual tradition of conservatives and far-right pundits losing their minds over the existence of LGBTQ+ people.

And this year's right-wing gay panic is kicking off with possibly the most bizarre manufactured controversy they've ever come up with.

According to Grant Stinchfield—who is a news anchor on far-right network Newsmax and not the cartoon villain his name would suggest—Lucky Charms cereal's Lucky the Leprechaun is gay and coming for your kids.

Or something.

You can see his rant here:

Newsmax has become one of the news channels of choice for conservatives who think Fox News is too liberal.

Stinchfield's strange homophobic rant about a cereal box leprechaun came during a discussion of Kellogg's new so-called "woke" cereal. The Pride-themed product called "Together with Pride"—which supports GLAAD—is composed of rainbow-colored heart shapes and edible glitter.


The cereal has conservatives in a tizzy because the box includes a space for kids to write down their gender pronouns.

When Stinchfield was done sneering and rolling his eyes about the whole thing, he claimed Kellogg's had already been beaten to the LGBTQ+-themed woke punch by competitor General Mills's uber-gay leprechaun character.

Chuckling, Stinchfield claimed:

"...I think General Mills has a gay leprechaun, right? ... [H]e wears high-heeled shoes, prances around in tights, leads me to believe, probably, that little Lucky Charm leprechaun might be gay."

Stinchfield didn't offer an explanation for where he got the idea Lucky wears heels and tights given the image he included onscreen during his rant shows Lucky donning Pilgrim-style shoes and plain old pants.

Instead, he moved on to defending his screed, as if sensing people might take offense to the suggestion all gay people do is "prance around" in tights and heels all day.

"For those of you that want to vilify me for those comments... aren't you just as offended by the flamboyant rainbow hearts and glitter as a symbol of gayness? See, there are two standards here."

Sure Grant.

Whatever you say.

Twitter was not having any of this.

Anyway, if you share Stinchfield's outrage over gay cereal or whatever, he has a simple solution for you.

"Switch your kids to granola," the obvious heterosexual breakfast option apparently.