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Woman Explains Why She Never Gives A Job Two-Weeks' Notice When Quitting—And It Makes Sense

D’Shonda laid out why 'respect' is everything when it comes to leaving a job during a segment of the 'Women of Tmro' podcast that went viral on TikTok.

Woman explained why she didn't believe in giving two weeks notice

Since 2020, the concept of quiet quitting has become increasingly popular, as people have learned to value themselves and their human needs more than the unrealistic expectations they might find in the workplace.

In addition to embracing quiet quitting and not working beyond the scope of one's job description has also come the contesting of the necessary two-week notice. People have asked, if a workplace is not required to give a person two weeks' notice prior to termination, why must they offer the company the same?

One woman named D'Shonda agreed with this sentiment in her recent appearance on the Women of Tmro (WOT) Podcast, which has partially been released in a TikTok video posted by podcast host, Jasmine Milan.

D'Shonda revealed:

"I don't believe in the whole two-week notice thing."
"Why am I giving you two weeks' notice to let you know that I'm leaving, when, if you were to fire me or lay me off, you would let me know that same day."
"I need to set boundaries. So the same respect that you would give me, I'm going to give you back."
"Jobs and corporations don't treat us with the same respect and loyalty that they expect us to give to them."
"If you want me to give you two weeks, I need you to at least give me a month to get my life together."
"Because a lot of people have children, elderly parents, or grandparents that they have to take care of. A lot of people are on disability. A lot of people are preparing to have a family. A lot of people are probably on the verge of an eviction notice or homelessness."
"So, the same respect and loyalty that you want me to give your brand, I need to feel that. And if not, you're all going to get some immediate notice that you would give me."

Milan praised:

"I hope that reaches every H.R. (Human Resources) office globally."

You can watch the video here


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The video quickly garnered serious attention with 4.2 million views, nearly 10-thousand comments, 600-thousand likes, and even 74-thousand saves.

Fellow TikTokers praised D'Shonda's comments.









Since 2020, people have increasingly valued their treatment in the workplace, and more toxic work environments have been held accountable. If a business wants to be considered a safe and non-toxic place to work, this is absolutely something they should address in the very near future.