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An Old Tweet From Netflix About Sharing Passwords Has Aged Terribly Amid Their Latest Crackdown

An Old Tweet From Netflix About Sharing Passwords Has Aged Terribly Amid Their Latest Crackdown
Chesnot/Getty Images; @themasden/Twitter

This week the popular streaming service Netflix learned three vital truths.

  • First, it's important for any business to have a consistent marketing strategy and message.
  • Second, the internet's memory is long and will absolutely put an elephant's to shame.
  • Third, the people of the internet will not hesitate to call a business out for being inconsistent.

This learning experience came after consumers discovered an inconsistency in the company's messaging that left them feeling less than loved.

Netflix just announced they are planning to implement a new payment system for users sharing passwords. This new phase will be launched in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru before theoretically going worldwide.

Specifically, if two people are sharing a password within the same household, they'll continue paying the usual fee for their membership and used devices.

However, individuals who live outside of that home who are using the password will have to pay a smaller membership of their own to maintain their access through that password. If they want to be able to have their own profile page and saved preferences, they'll need to pay an additional monthly fee.

Ironically, back in March 2017, Netflix tweeted a series of "Love is" tweets, including this one:

When Netflix made the announcement about the additional fees for sharing passwords outside of the home, the internet immediately called the company out for being inconsistent and money-hungry.

Some claimed to see through Netflix's plan.

Others questioned the company's commitment and "love" for their customers.

Some admitted this was a tipping point after already falling out of love with the platform.

While it's no surprise a successful company would increase its rates from time to time, it probably wasn't the best idea for Netflix to roll out a plan that was so dramatically inconsistent with their prior marketing.

For such a high-profile company and Twitter account, it's important for them to think about how their messaging and branding is staying on course, both for the success of the company and for brand loyalty from their customers. The streaming marketplace now offers consumers plenty to choose from, making customer relations more important than ever.

Quite frankly, this new plan—with that 2017 tweet overshadowing it—just wasn't it.