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Netflix Is Getting Trolled With One Of Their Past Tweets As Password-Sharing Crackdown Begins

The streaming giant has been met with pushback ever since announcing their plan to crack down on the sharing of account passwords.

Netflix promo stock photo with tweet overlayed reading 'Guess this means Netflix is filing for a divorce then'
Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images; @BerishaShow/Twitter

Oftentimes when tech and media companies change their policies, it can go over people's heads and no one truly notices except the die-hard tech people.

Other times, Netflix says that they are going to start cracking down on password sharing on their network.

Obviously, this announcement was not met with joy by Netflix's subscribers.

Frequent travelers, college kids whose parents are sponsoring their accounts, those who log in only via mobile... many people asked questions about the feasibility of Netflix's new policy including their proposed 7 day hall-pass-like temporary access for devices not logging in from the home network.

But then someone went digging in the media company's Twitter.

The internet sleuth found a damning tweet from back in 2017.

The tweet pops back up every time Netflix mentions cracking down on sharing.

So, this aged poorly, many said.

Others just needed to express themselves through gifs and reaction images.


Others responded to the ovover-5-year-oltweet with examples of the types of people this policy will dramatically affect.

Truckers, military, oil rig workers, college students and more!

Someone summed it up in the style of the tweet.

If sharing a password is love, not being able to share a password is therefore something quite worse.

Good luck to Netflix's social media team in the coming days.