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Black 'Dahmer' Crew Member Claims She Was Treated 'Horribly' On Set: 'Working On This Took Everything I Had'

Black 'Dahmer' Crew Member Claims She Was Treated 'Horribly' On Set: 'Working On This Took Everything I Had'

Netflix's series about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer Dahmer—Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, has been embroiled in controversy since it debuted. It's only escalating following accusations from a crew member who worked on the show.

Kim Alsup—a Black woman who worked as a coordinator on the show—is speaking out about how "horribly" she was treated on set during the show's production. Alsup was one of only two Black crew members.

She said working on Monster "took everything I had."

Following the show's debut, Alsup took to her now private Twitter account to share her experience. In one tweet, she described how other crew members repeatedly mixed up her and the other Black crew member, despite them looking nothing alike.

She wrote:

"I worked on this project and I was 1 of 2 Black people on the crew and they kept calling me her name."
"We both had braids, she was dark skin and 5’10. I’m 5’5."
"Working on this took everything I had as I was treated horribly. I look at the Black female lead differently now too."

Alsup also told The Los Angeles Times she has not watched Monster for fear it would trigger her because of her negative experiences on set.

As she put it:

"I don’t want to have these PTSD types of situations."
"The trailer itself gave me PTSD, which is why I ended up writing that tweet and I didn’t think that anybody was going to read."
"It was one of the worst shows that I’ve ever worked on. I was always being called someone else’s name, the only other Black girl who looked nothing like me, and I learned the names for 300 background extras."

On Twitter, some were outraged by Alsup's story.

But many found Alsup's story unconvincing and accused her of overreacting.

Monster has come in for no small amount of criticism, with many including some of Dahmer's victims' families criticizing Netflix and show creator Ryan Murphy for sensationalizing and capitalizing off of Dahmer's incredibly sadistic crimes, which were committed against queer men and teens, many of whom were people of color.