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'Stranger Things' Fans Are Bizarrely Convinced Jeffrey Dahmer Made A Cameo In The Fourth Season

'Stranger Things' Fans Are Bizarrely Convinced Jeffrey Dahmer Made A Cameo In The Fourth Season

The pull of the big Netflix shows is undeniable. They can take you away to grand fantasies or give the thrill of up close, gritty life.

But it can be a little “strange” when one genre crosses into another. That’s what one fan supposedly found when they re-watched the most recent season of Stranger Things.

A TikToker pointed out someone in a background scene of the show looks an awful lot like the subject of Netflix’s new biographical crime series.


Jeffrey Dahmer in Stranger Things ? 😱 #jeffreydahmer #strangerthings #foryou

In the above video, the TikToker @elovdb seems to believe a background character in Stranger Things, set in 1986, looks an awful lot like Jeffrey Dahmer, the serial killer active from 1978 to 1991.

The video shows the background character and compares him to how Dahmer looks as portrayed by Evan Peters in Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

The two have a striking resemblance. With the blonde hair, glasses and elovdb even found a scene where Dahmer is dressed in blue much like the background character.

Some couldn’t believe the coincidence.

The Netflix series Dahmerrenewed interest in the story of the serial killer.

This might be why some people are seeing the man everywhere.

The series had some pushback from families of Dahmer’s victims for not being contacted about the production of the series.

On top of that, Netflix drew backlash by tagging the series an LGBTQ+ show without explanation. This caused a lot of backlash online, leading to the streaming service making a quiet change to how they categorized the series.

That wasn’t the only thing that warranted a closer look. Many who viewed the original comparison between the extra on Stranger Things and the titular Dahmer were nonplussed.

It’s probably an easier mistake to make than you’d think.

It’s unlikely Jeffrey Dahmer would be a character on Stranger Things, so no need to keep an eye out in the new season.

Speaking of, there’s been no official announcement on when the new season will drop as of yet.

Meanwhile, Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is currently streaming on Netflix.