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'Tom' From MySpace Goes Viral With Response To Elon Musk's Twitter Poll About Stepping Down

Tom Anderson, everyone's first friend when they created a new MySpace account, has the internet clamoring for him to step in.

Twitter screenshot of Tom Anderson's famous "MySpace Tom" profile pic; Elon Musk
@myspacetom/Twitter; Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Technology entrepreneur Thomas Anderson—best known as the co-founder of MySpace and who is popularly known as "Tom from MySpace" because he would automatically be assigned as the first "friend" of new MySpace users upon the creation of their profiles—has gone viral for his response to billionaire Elon Musk's Twitter poll about stepping down from company leadership.

A Twitter poll Musk created asking whether he should “step down as head of Twitter” ended yesterday morning with most respondents voting "yes."

Musk said he would abide by the results of the poll, which came about after he walked back a policy that suspended accounts for linking out to competing social media sites.

You can see the poll Musk created below.

While Musk hasn't made public any plans to step down, the search is on for a new chief executive for Twitter, according to sources who spoke to CNBC's David Faber. They told Faber there has been an ongoing search for a new CEO even before the Twitter poll was made.

One of the thousands of Twitter users who commented on Musk's poll was none other than Anderson himself, who wrote the following in regard to the hunt for a new CEO:

"Depends who you get to run it!"

You can see Anderson's post below.

Anderson's tweet quickly went viral and prompted many to suggest that he would make a far better CEO than Musk, whose stewardship of the social media platform has been rocked by numerous scandals.

Anderson set up the first pages of MySpace in 2003. He founded the site partly as a reaction to Friendster and its policy of blocking accounts that did not use real names. MySpace was sold to News Corp in 2005 for $580 million.

Anderson has largely retreated from the tech space since cashing in and maintains an active social media presence on Facebook and Instagram, through which he regularly shares his global travel adventures and passion for landscape photography.