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Mom And Daughter Booted From Flight After Demanding Passengers Give Up Aisle Seats For Them

Mom And Daughter Booted From Flight After Demanding Passengers Give Up Aisle Seats For Them

A new viral TikTok shows a mom and daughter duo being kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight after loudly demanding their fellow passengers move seats so that they could sit together in adjacent aisle seats.

According to the video's text overlay, the two women were among the very last passengers to board their flight from Sacramento to San Diego, entering the plane just before the plane doors closed after most of the other passengers had already chosen their seats in Southwest's first-come, first-served seating scheme.

After the women attempted to "make an announcement" to the plane, they were escorted off by staff.

See the incident below.


Southwest flight Karen encounter passengers removed. #passengerremoval #karen

Not only did the women board the plane at the last possible minute, but the incident occurred after the Southwest flight had already been subject to a two-hour delay--surely fraying everyone's patience for the women even more.

In the video, the younger of the two women could be heard trying to make the "announcement" as a flight attendant intervenes.

The attendant told the woman:

"We have families. We have little kids. We can't have people yelling."

The younger woman responded by saying her mother would make a scene.

"She's gonna grab onto you and scream and cry."

Of course, this being an airplane where security is tight and no risks are taken, the flight attendant took that to be some kind of threat.

She warned the women they would have to be escorted off.

"Okay ma'am, if you're going to say things like that, we're going to have to put you on a different jet."

The women were then moved off the plane onto the jetway.

According to @official_norcal_mom's captions, the entire plane applauded when they were removed.

She went on to thank Southwest for the way they handled the incident.

"Thanks Southwest for doing the right thing and getting them off the plane,"

On TikTok, people shared in those sentiments and had no patience for the mother-daughter pair.











Though the flight was delayed a further hour after the women's removal, it eventually took off and safely flew to San Diego.