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Woman's Rant On Flight About 'Not Real' Fellow Passenger Goes Viral—And The Responses Are Golden

A woman was caught on camera freaking out about someone on her flight who was 'not real,' prompting fellow passengers to turn around and see who she was talking about.

Screenshots of a woman having a tantrum on a plane

Videos of airplane passengers causing a scene and delaying the boarding or debarking process with their meltdowns have been circulating online since the pandemic.

But a new clip of a distressed female airplane passenger freaking out was taken to new heights.

The woman wanted to get off the plane as it was being prepared for takeoff because she claimed there was a fellow passenger who was not real.

The clip that originally appeared on TikTok over the holiday weekend and has since been removed was shared on Twitter.

At the start of the video, the woman is seen heading toward the front of the plane and ranting about the imaginary individual.

"You can say whatever you want," she said as she made her way to the exit.

But then she pivoted backward and announced:

"I'm telling you I'm getting the f'k off, and the reason why I'm getting the f'k off and everyone can either believe it or they cannot believe it."
"I don't give two f'ks but I'm telling you right now that motherf'ker back there is not real!"

Passengers listening to her nonsense turned their heads in the direction of where she pointed to see what she was talking about.

The woman continued telling fellow passengers the situation was every man for himself.

"And you can sit on this plane and you can f'kin' die with him or not. I'm not going to."

The clip ended with an unseen seated passenger telling her casually, "Bye."

And now for your viewing pleasure.

Warning: NSFW language.

The overlaying text read:

"AA what y'all doing about this."

American Airlines, on which the incident occurred, has not provided a statement regarding the situation.

But Twitter seemed to have some clarity on what was happening.

People speculated the cause of her altered state.

Muting the clip changes everything.

It is unclear what triggered the woman's rant.

TikTok user @knuckelslawncare, who filmed the incident, said everyone had to deplane because of the woman, and the flight was delayed for up to several hours.

The troubled traveler was supposedly allowed to go back through security without being detained.