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Woman Screams And Pretends Black Woman Attacked Her On Plane—But Flight Attendant Is Having None Of It


Social media users identified another "Karen" off a viral video of a woman screaming on a plane after landing.

She reacted as if a Black woman who was exiting the plane attacked her.

The 37-second clip showed the White woman sitting in an aisle seat and appearing to prevent other passengers behind her row from disembarking the plane.

Wondering about the holdup, a flight attendant asked the woman:

"Are you going to get off the aircraft or ... sit there and scream?"

The unidentified woman chose the latter and emitted a blood-curdling scream after a Black passenger who said she needed to use the restroom and "get off of here" forced her way down the aisle.

At that moment, the woman appeared to grab the exiting passenger's coat and simultaneously screamed as if she was the one being attacked, which she wasn't.

WARNING: video includes loud screaming.

The flight attendant immediately called out and told the seated woman who blocked the aisle, "I'm watching you attack her," referring to the Black passenger that had just walked by.

The woman, still seated, replied:

"You get out of here."

Having lost her patience with the unruly passenger, the flight attendant asserted while pulling down her mask:

"Excuse me, I work here ma'am. Get off the aircraft, please."

Eventually, the woman got up and left.

The video was posted on Saturday and went viral.

And while there seemed to be no rational explanation for the woman's outburst, Twitter filled the void with a slew of memes.

One user incorporated the woman's tantrum into American rapper BeatKing's 2020 song, "Then Leave."

Others were enamored with the flight attendant whose expression in the video was relatable.

Unless the flight is in peril or in a crisis, nobody needs to scream like that.