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White 'Karen' Gets Booted From Plane And Calls It 'Racism At Its Best' In Surreal Viral Video

White 'Karen' Gets Booted From Plane And Calls It 'Racism At Its Best' In Surreal Viral Video

A new viral video featuring a White "Karen" being kicked off a plane by law enforcement has people shaking--and scratching--their heads.

As she's being led off the plane, the woman exclaims, "Racism as its best!" as the rest of the plane cheers for her dismissal and laughs at her bizarre (and also impossible) charge of racial discrimination.

The incident was captured on TikTok two days ago. Warning: This video contains offensive language.

@carleygolembeski It's the entitlement for me ##racismatitsbest
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It's unclear why the woman was expelled from the plane, but as many have noted, there's no mask on her face.

Rather, it's around her wrist. Passengers can also be heard calling her a "drunk a*s" several times throughout the video.

In the video, which appears to have been filmed aboard a Spirit Airlines flight, the "Karen" is seen walking up the aisle as the other passengers on the plane clap and cheer for her expulsion. She mockingly claps back at them.

Just before she exits the aircraft, she nonsensically addresses the passengers:

"Racism at its best!"

A fellow passenger, who sounds like they may be the person filming, laughs derisively and sarcastically says "Racism?"

The Karen then confronts someone else on the other side of the plane who is also filming.

"Really? You're videotaping it? You don't even know what's going on and you're videotaping it?"

It's at this point that another passenger yells "Bi*ch!" at the woman, and the "Karen's" daughter, who can be spotted in earlier moments of the video seemingly arguing with the police officers escorting her and her mother off the plane, confronts the passenger.

"Excuse me, don't talk to my mother like that."

The police officers then push the woman off the plane as another passenger yells:

"Oh my God, just go!"

On Twitter, virtually no one was feeling any sympathy for the woman—especially for her charges of racism.

While others decried the woman's lack of a mask.

If it was the lack of a mask that resulted in the woman's expulsion, she picked the wrong airline.

While all carriers have rules about mask-wearing during the pandemic, Spirit Airlines' policy, which does not even allow passengers to forgo a mask for medical reasons, is considered to be the strictest.