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Monica Lewinsky's Response To Comedian Sarah Cooper's Advice About Making Mistakes Young Is Pure Comedy Gold

Monica Lewinsky's Response To Comedian Sarah Cooper's Advice About Making Mistakes Young Is Pure Comedy Gold
Bennett Raglin/Getty Images; @sarahcpr/Twitter

Monica Lewinsky, you could say, knows a thing or two about making mistakes.

And while she'll always be most remembered for the events that shot her to infamy in the 90s, she's more recently become something of a Twitter legend for her uncanny ability to own her notorious past with a certain rapier wit. So when she recently responded to one of beloved comedian Sarah Cooper's tweets, the internet lost its collective mind.

Twitter Queen Cooper, meet Twitter Queen Lewinsky.

Cooper, of course, is the comedian who's become a household name among those active on Twitter and TikTok for her ingenious and hilarious lip-syncs to President Trump's speeches and press conferences.

She tweeted earlier this week with some advice for the youths about making mistakes when you're young, so that by the time you reach your 40s, they're long gone in your rearview mirror. Plus, Cooper joked, if you get them over with early you can repeat them when you're in your 40s.

Good times...

It was a joke instantly relatable to anyone whose young days are mostly behind them. But there's some holes in Cooper's logic. Counterpoint: Monica Lewinsky.

After all, not only has she never escaped her early 20s "mistake"—90s-era SNLclips lampooning her still live on on YouTube, and right-wing commentators and politicos still regularly mock her on Twitter—but we can probably all agree the Clinton-Lewinksy scandal is not an experience she wishes to repeat in her 40s.

Perhaps only Lewinsky, in her trademark social media-winning way, could pack all of that into a simple, one word response to Cooper:


Yep, that pretty much perfectly sums it up.

It's no wonder, then, that her response to Cooper had Twitter folks hailing her as their Queen.

Lewinsky, of course, is no stranger to owning her past in this sort of witty and comedic way.

Apart from writing and doing public speaking engagements about her experience in the White House and the fallout that ensued, she regularly uses it as fodder for internet jokes—including using it to take on the current administration, with hilarious results.

Long live Twitter Queen Lewinsky!

We're not worthy.

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