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TikTok Comedian Crushes Lip Sync Of Trump Bragging About His 'Amazing' Tulsa Rally Numbers

Sarah Cooper/YouTube

TikTok comedian Sarah Cooper continues to give people online a ray of light to look forward to with her lip sync videos of President Trump.

This time, Cooper took one of Trump's statements about his then-upcoming rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma and gave it her usual treatment.

The video, titled "How To Empty Seat," shows the President preparing to grapple with his rally's much lower than expected turnout.

How to empty seat

Sarah Cooper has an uncanny ability to show us just how strange President Trump's actual words are.

Everyone on Twitter had a favorite moment from her video.

With everyone inside on their phones, Cooper's rise to fame was inevitable.

This is far from the first time Cooper has nailed her Presidential impression.

Trump himself has probably even heard of Cooper's videos.

Fortunately, with a President like Donald Trump, there will be no shortage of new material for Cooper to imitate in the near future.