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Mike Pence Roasted Hard After Tripping While Trying To Run Up Some Airplane Stairs

Mike Pence Roasted Hard After Tripping While Trying To Run Up Some Airplane Stairs

First we had President Donald Trump barely making it down a ramp. Now we have Vice President Mike Pence barely making it up a flight of stairs.

Pence is being roasted online after a video of him accomplishing that rare feat—falling up a flight of stairs—hit the internet and immediately went viral.

At first, it seemed like the typical routine photo-op. Pence was boarding Air Force 2 for a trip to Wisconsin as cameras looked on. He bounded up the stairs, seemingly excited to get his trip under way.

But just as he got near the top, Pence stumbled, nearly face-planting into the stairs.

After his fall, Pence simply leapt up, straightened his jacket and tie and gave the crowd a wave and a thumbs-up as if nothing had happened before walking onto the plane, at last free of prying eyes.

Video of the stumble struck the internet as practically slapstick, especially coming on the heels of President Trump's appearance last week at the United States Army Academy's commencement at West Point in New York. During his speech, the President was seen seeming to struggle to drink a glass of water, then afterward, hobbling down a ramp that was not at all steep.

Given Trump and Pence's differing styles, it's unlikely Pence will do as Trump did in Tulsa and take time out of his next major appearance to prove he can walk up a flight of stairs without falling. But that doesn't mean the internet is likely to forget the gaffe any time soon.

Twitter pretty much immediately erupted with jokes at the Veep's expense as soon as the video hit the internet.

Pence was heading to Wisconsin to participate in two events—a round table on so-called "school choice" in the city of Waukesha followed by a speech at a stop on his "Faith in America" tour in Pewaukee.

As far as we know, both of those events went as planned—without any face-plants.