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Video Of Trump Proving He Can Drink Water With One Hand As Rally Attendees Go Wild Is Truly Something To Behold

Video Of Trump Proving He Can Drink Water With One Hand As Rally Attendees Go Wild Is Truly Something To Behold

At his recent re-election campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma President Donald Trump received a massive swell of applause when he drank a glass of water at the podium.

Rally-goers were ecstatic that he could manage such a feat with only one hand.

A short video documenting the moment depicted the outsize roar of applause that followed the President's mundane act.

Only with backstory does something like that make sense.

Trump and his attending supporters were responding to criticisms launched at Trump following his commencement address to West Point Army Academy just weeks before, on June 13.

During that speech to the military academy, Trump appeared to try drinking a glass of water with one hand, only to require his other hand to help finish the job.

The moment made waves on the internet, drawing all sorts of concerns and jokes at Trump's expense and even a few parodies.

Before making the triumphant swig of water at the Tulsa rally, Trump explained why he had used two hands during the speech at West Point. He claimed that he didn't want to get his expensive tie wet.

After the successful one-handed maneuver, in a display of confidence and strength, Trump threw the glass aside. It was then that the crowd went wild.

People on Twitter were mystified that such uproarious cheers could follow a simple swig of water.

There's not much lower for that bar to go.

And the triumphant water swig wasn't the only defense Trump made against accusations of feebleness during the Tulsa rally. Also notably, he spent almost 15 minutes explaining why he appeared to struggle down a ramp at that same West Point event during which the original water faux pas took place.

But despite those ego-boosting moments, Trump's rally, the first in months, fell far below expectations. Attendance was much lower than expected.

A photo taken after the event captured a considerably less triumphant Donald Trump.

With his re-election campaign looming and his ever falling poll numbers, there's just no knowing what to expect in the next few months of Trump MAGA rallies.