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Trump's 'Walk Of Shame' After Returning To DC From His Tulsa Rally Is Getting Epically Memed

After promising a raucous campaign kick-off event the likes of which no one had ever seen, the President's recent rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma turned out to be a pretty significant disappointment.

Pictures of the President dejectedly walking off his helicopter have reminded many people online of the classic "walk of shame."

The President's critics on Twitter found delight in setting the long, sad walk to appropriate music.

Over a hundred thousand have died due to the pandemic, but nothing seems to make President Trump sadder than a poorly-attended rally.

Many others recognized the feeling from their own lives.

The internet turned the moment into a timeless meme.

It's clear what really matters to Donald Trump.

It's going to be a long, long march to November.

No matter what happens in the future, at least we'll always have these memes.

Cheer up President Trump, there will be other MAGA rallies.