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Chris Wallace Blasts Trump Adviser For Trying To 'Deny The Reality' That The Tulsa Rally Was A Bust

Chris Wallace Blasts Trump Adviser For Trying To 'Deny The Reality' That The Tulsa Rally Was A Bust
Fox News

After weeks of boasting stratospheric reservation numbers for President Donald Trump's first rally after a months long pandemic-induced hiatus, the President and his campaign staff are scrambling to spin a turnout of only 6,200 in the 19,000 seat arena.

In addition to the venue being less than a third full, a second address planned by the Trump campaign to the overflow crowd was canceled after the area remained empty.

The campaign is blaming protesters, whom they allege blocked the entrance of would-be attendees. Reports, video and photos from the ground dispute this. Trump himself tweeted the presence of protesters wasn't tolerated.

That may be why Fox News' Chris Wallace was skeptical when Trump campaign advisor Mercedes Schlapp appeared on his show to assure that the rally was, in fact, a success.

Watch a clip of the interview below.

Despite fact checks from Wallace, Schlapp insisted that protesters did indeed block and intimidate people from entering:

"I'm telling you there were people and families that couldn't bring their children cause of concerns of the protesters.
"But let me make this clear, Joe Biden has an event with empty folded chairs and painted circles on the floor."
"I'd love to see a Joe Biden rally. Let's bring it on, cause there is no comparison."

Schlapp was referring to a recent speech by Biden which complied with social distancing guidelines and was by no means a rally.

Wallace held her feet to the fire:

"Mercedes, please don't filibuster. Mercedes, please don't filibuster. We're showing pictures here and it shows big, empty areas. Frankly, it makes you guys look silly when you deny the reality of what happened."

Schlapp pivoted yet again to Joe Biden rather than comment on the facts being presented.

Schlapp's husband even tried to defend her claims that families were intimidated from attending.

But after watching her interview with Wallace, people weren't buying it.

People weren't buying her pivots to Biden either.

The President is expected to speak at a Teens for Trump event of 3 thousand in Arizona tomorrow.