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Michael Avenatti Just Challenged Donald Trump Jr. To An MMA Fight For Charity 😮

Michael Avenatti Just Challenged Donald Trump Jr. To An MMA Fight For Charity 😮
Ethan Miller/Getty Images and William Campbell-Corbis via Getty Images

What if I told you there was a way to help Puerto Rico, and RAINN, while also watching Donald Trump Jr. get his face pounded?

Well, we just might get our chance!

Everyone's favorite Trump-family troll, attorney Michael Avenatti, who represents adult entertainment star Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against President Trump, has challenged Trump Jr. to an MMA fight.

NBC News media reporter Dylan Byers was having lunch with Avenatti when the topic came up, and posted the conversation to Twitter.

Avenatti replied immediately that he was ready to rumble whenever Jr. was.

The "two great causes"--which I'd presumed were 1) a charity, and 2) the simple joy of connecting a fist with Donald Trump Jr's face--turned out to be the ongoing recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, and sexual violence charity RAINN.

Two great causes, indeed!

Anyway, it's highly unlikely to happen, because Jr. most likely wouldn't agree, but this is the closest we've ever gotten dispatching that little twerp. So, it's still exciting!

Of course, Junior wasn't about to just take this sitting down. He immediately clapped back on Twitter with ... whatever this is!

..... I'm trying to think of a funny retort here but I have literally no idea what Anthony Weiner's release from prison has to do with anything so I'm stumped.

Avenatti, on the other hand, was at the ready with a comeback:

Please take a moment to savor the delicious fact that Avenatti calls Junior "Bif." You deserve it!

Anyway, as you may expect, social media folk were all over this idiotic back-and-forth, and they were firmly #TeamAvenatti. Let the drags begin!

Donald Trump Jr. wasn't spared either--folks went IN in his mentions:

And Avenatti's "Bif" became an instant classic!

He just gives and gives, that Avenatti!

No word as yet on whether Junior has accepted Avenatti's challenge. Hopefully he can carve out some time in his busy treason-and-indictments schedule!

H/T The Hill, Business Insider