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White House Secret Service Apparently Nicknamed Melania 'Rapunzel' For Exactly The Reason You Think

White House Secret Service Apparently Nicknamed Melania 'Rapunzel' For Exactly The Reason You Think
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The lead-up to former Republican White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham's tell-all book about her time at the White House has brought countless juicy behind-the-scenes revelations about former Republican President Donald Trump's tenure in office.

Now a new set of previews are giving us a glimpse into what former First Lady Melania Trump's life was like during her husband's presidency—such as the fact she left the White House so rarely the secret service nicknamed her "Rapunzel."

The perception Melania Trump hated the presidential life followed her throughout her husband's tenure.

The details revealed in Grisham's book seem to bear that out.

Grisham's book, titled "I'll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw at the Trump White House," claims Melania spent nearly all of her time holed up in the executive mansion with her parents or her and Donald Trump's son, Barron.

The "Rapunzel" nickname was of course a reference to the fairy tale character who "never left her tower, aka the White House residence," as Grisham puts it.

The former First Lady's life was so insular, Grisham says, Secret Service agents clamored for a posting on her security detail, because the job allowed for more free time.

Grisham's book is full of revelations that paint a decidedly discontented picture of the First Lady, like Melania Trump had a rather strange preoccupation with compiling photo albums. According to Grisham, she was so obsessed with her photo album project she once spent hours recreating a ribbon ceremony so she could get the perfect shot.

And if you presumed the former First Lady spent the January 6 insurrection glued to a television screen like the rest of us, think again. Grisham claims she was painstakingly photographing a rug while her husband's supporters stormed the Capitol.

Grisham's book also details the ways the former First Lady retaliated against Donald Trump for his affairs, her less-than-warm relationship with her stepdaughter Ivanka Trump and the fact she slept through Election Night last year.

On Twitter, the revelations haven't exactly endeared the former First Lady to her critics.

Whether Grisham's claims are true or not, they have apparently hit a nerve.

The former First Lady released a statement today calling Grisham "deceitful" and "troubled" and saying she "doesn't deserve anyone's trust."

Grisham's book comes out tomorrow.