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Meghan Trainor Jokingly Trolls Fans By 'Confirming' She Was The Model For A Nun Halloween Costume

The model for the Spirit Halloween costume bears a striking resemblance to the 'All About That Bass' singer.

Meghan Trainor
Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Meghan Trainor—the singer who shot to stardom with her song "All About That Bass"—recently released a new album called Takin' It Back.

However something other than her new music has been grabbing her fans' attention.

This week she also went viral because an image of a model wearing a Spirit Halloween nun costume became popular after it led to speculation it was Trainor.

You can see the costume packaging here:

One fan didn't just tag Trainor in a post about the costume.

They asked her directly if she modeled for the costume package.

"[Meghan Trainor] this bugs me every Halloween."
"Can I ask if this is you dressed up as a nun at Spirit Halloween?"
"Maybe i’m just tripping lol #TakinItBack #AskMeghan"

In response, Trainor tweeted:

"It's me."

A short enough answer, but with just enough humor to get fans laughing in the comments.

Spirit Halloween certainly appreciated it.

And it’s not a bad way to drum up attention for her new album.

Despite the striking parallels between her and the nun costume model, she admitted to Rolling Stone she had been joking when she posted the tweet.

Trainor—by her own admittance—has been quite reclusive in the past few years and was worried about how her latest album might perform. However her fan’s eager embrace of even this small joke should bring her some joy, as the reactions are enthusiastic.

First they just complimented her on the tweet.

Others just let out some emotions.

Many fans took the opportunity to reference Trainor’s songs, this time with a nun theme.

Finally, someone asked Spirit Halloween if they have a Megan Trainor costume.

After all, they took care of the Swifties.

No response from Spirit Halloween.