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Matthew McConaughey's Tweet To Texas Gov. Recovering From Virus Is Peak McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey's Tweet To Texas Gov. Recovering From Virus Is Peak McConaughey
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for HISTORY; Montinique Monroe/Getty Images

Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey has struggled to get people to take seriously his potential run for the governorship of his home state of Texas.

But after sending a message to current Republican Governor Greg Abbott during his recovery from the virus, McConaughey just might have coined himself a catchy new campaign slogan perfect for our times.

The actor tweeted at the governor to wish him well after his announcement to wish him well, and the message is absolute vintage McConaughey.

Abbott announced August 21st that he had officially tested negative for the virus after initially testing positive four days prior and immediately quarantining. Abbott, who is not only fully vaccinated but has also reportedly received a third booster dose, credited the his vaccination for his "brief & mild" case of the virus.

McConaughey referenced this in his tweet, thanking Abbott for lauding the vaccine's efficacy.

"Glad you're now testing negative for Covid Governor Abbott. Thank you for mentioning that "the vaccination you received made your infection brief and mild." Health to you, Cecilia, Texas, and beyond."

McConaughey then closed his tweet with slogan that is so vintage McConaughey it almost seems like it has to be a joke.

"mask, vax and just keep livin, mcconaughey"

"Just keep livin," one of McConaughey's signature mottos and the name of his foundation, comes from his earliest film roles in Richard Linklater's Dazed and Confused. Mashed together with solid advice for avoiding the virus, and you have the kind of timely and quotable slogan politicians dream of.

It was the subtext of McConaughey's tweet, though, that struck many people as most significant in regards to his potential political ambitions. Abbott has repeatedly downplayed both the pandemic and the vaccines, and has blocked even the most basic preventative measures against the virus in Texas, such as school mask mandates.

He even signed an illegal executive order blaming Texas's skyrocketing virus rates not on mask refusal and vaccine hesitancy, but on "illegal immigrants" bringing the virus over the border, an accusation with no basis in fact.

Is "Max, vax and just keep livin" McConaughey's first shot fired at his would-be political opponent, or just another folksy McConaughey-ism? Who knows.

Either way, McConaughey's tweet had people on Twitter feeling "alright, alright, alright."

Others used McConaughey's good wishes to highlight the dire need for virus prevention in Texas.

Despite his experience with the virus, Abbott has continued his fight against preventing its spread, renewing a previous executive order ban on vaccine mandates. Your move, prospective-governor McConaughey.