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GOP Lawmaker Claims Trump Is Actually Opposed To The Transgender Military Ban, Despite Being The One Who Actually Called For It

Drew Angerer/Getty Images // Mark Wilson/Getty Images

One of President Donald Trump's most discriminatory policies came within the first six months of his presidency.

Trump tweeted suddenly that transgender people would not be allowed to serve in the military, claiming the healthcare costs were too much of a burden.

Those costs are estimated at up to nine million dollars—or three trips to Mar-a-Lago—of the 600+ billion dollar defense budget.

In case you need a refresher:

The policy blindsided Defense Department officials and led to legal wrangling for years before ultimately being permitted to take effect by the Supreme Court.

Now, fierce Trump ally Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is claiming that neither he nor the President are the kind of Republicans who support banning LGBTQ people from entities or organizations.

Gaetz made the claim in his appearance on The View last week, where he said, "It is a good thing in this country that we do not ban gay people from serving in the military."

That's when a co-host quipped:

"Just transgender people."

Gaetz responded:

"Well we shouldn't be banning anybody based on who they are or who they love. That's not the kind of Republican I am and it's not the kind of Republican the President is."


Watch below.

Not only was the President behind the ban, but Gaetz commended him for the decision.

Thankfully, people saw past Gaetz's sanctimonious performance of tolerance.

Actions speak louder than words, Matt.