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Maskless 'Karen' Goes Off On Papa Murphy's Employees For Refusing To Give Her Her Pizza

Maskless 'Karen' Goes Off On Papa Murphy's Employees For Refusing To Give Her Her Pizza

A new video shows an unmasked "Karen" having a meltdown in a Papa Murphy's pizza restaurant because the employees refused to serve her unless she waited outside.

The video appeared in the PublicFreakout subReddit and has racked up over 3,000 views in under 24 hrs. It was captured by a man waiting in line behind the woman and uploaded to YouTube by one of the employees. (Warning: This video contains profanity.)

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In the video's description on YouTube, the employee who uploaded it states that the woman's husband had come in first.

But when employees explained he had to wear a mask, he stormed out before they could inform him that they have a procedure for unmasked customers where they will simply bring the order out to the customer's car.

Instead, he sent his wife in to harass the employees, and what could have been a situation with a very simple solution turned into a lengthy altercation.

The woman begins by insisting that their mask rules violate the "Americans with disability act" because she is hard of hearing and needs to read lips.

"I have a right to speak my mind, and I have a right to see your lips."

At no point in the video does the woman say she is, or appear to be, having trouble hearing or understanding the words of anyone speaking to her.

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As the woman continues berating the employees, one of them speaks up, informing her of their rights.

"We have the right to refuse service to any person for any reason... If you don't leave we're calling the police."

The woman then issues what sounds like a threat of a lawsuit, before interrupting herself to again claim she has a disability.

The employee again asks the woman to leave, but the "Karen" refuses. When the employee relents and asks for her name so she can retrieve the order, the "Karen" refuses to give it. The employee then loses her patience and erupts on the woman that she cannot retrieve her order without her name, and that the restaurant has a simple solution for people without masks--they will bring the order to their car.

But this does not satisfy the "Karen," who continues yelling at the employees.

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At this point, the man filming, who is not White, loses his patience.

"Why don't you just call the police? If I was screaming at you like that I think the police would be here."

The "Karen" finally leaves, and the man filming follows her to the parking lot, where her husband delivers a bizarre speech on the First Amendment.

"I have a first amendment right. And I am doing my first amendment right. You want to hide behind it, you hide behind it. Show me the law--show me the law, not a statement--show me the law that says I have to. Show me the law. You can't."

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On Reddit, people were firmly on Team Employees.

"My favorite part of this is her argument tbh. 'I have a medical condition I'm hard of hearing. I can't read lips of there's a mask'"
"Why on earth would that stop you from wearing it?" --BenSchoon
"Also I've served people that are hard of hearing since covid. They just say, I'm hard of hearing you're gonna have to speak up cause I usually read lips. And if you're completely deaf, the trusty olé pen and paper has never let me down yet. In fact it's lovely cause they write the order down for me." --thecomfyshirt
"It's her right for everyone else in the world to not wear a mask" --AltruisticSalamander
"I'm not a doctor but if you have a medical condition thats so bad you can't wear a mask, maybe the medical condition is also bad enough you should be in public during a pandemic." --bagoftaytos
"What? You didn't hear? 28th Amendment grants all citizens the right to pizza." --cjaymar41
"You can tell she's having trouble reciting what she read on her trusty and obviously reliable Facebook news feed." --LM1120
"'No you don't! Because...............I'll tell you why' as soon as she remembers what she read that morning before causing a scene 🤦🏽♀️" --nutmeg32280
"This Karen is not field ready yet. I apologize for the inconvenience. We will send a more prepared Karen next time." --Fatuglybaby
"Please. If anyone encounters a covidiot Karen in the wild. Just ask them this simple question."
"Are dress codes illegal?" --ImagineTrumpInPrison
"Pizza is my god given right as a red blooded American. The Marinara of Freedom runs through my veins." --Dbar111

It's not clear where the incident took place, but some Redditors have said it is an area where mask ordinances are not being enforced.