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Mark Hamill Shares Perfect 'Star Wars'-Themed Meme About Saving The U.S. Postal Service

Mark Hamill Shares Perfect 'Star Wars'-Themed Meme About Saving The U.S. Postal Service
Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Luke Skywalker is using the force to save the United States Postal Service and the election this November. Or, at least, Mark Hamill is using the force of his fame to do so, anyway.

The movie icon shared a Star Wars meme on Twitter that transforms a memorable moment from the legendary film into a rallying cry for saving the Postal Service—and by extension, democracy.

The meme was created by artist Paul Leigh, who takes images of all kinds from popular culture and transforms them into political memes.

In this case, Leigh used the moment in Star Wars when Princess Leia gives R2-D2 the plans for the Death Star. Except in this case, a 2020 twist sees Leia wearing a face mask, and R2-D2 is replaced by one of the blue USPS mailboxes that were ubiquitous on street corners until President Trump's new Postmaster, Louis Dejoy, ordered the USPS to begin removing them last week.

Under the orders of Dejoy, a Trump donor and ally, the USPS has also been removing mail sorters and cutting postal workers' hours. In many cases, mail has been delayed by weeks, including people's medications, which many elderly Medicare recipients are required to order through the mail.

The new USPS moves come in advance of November elections that will be heavily reliant on mail-in voting due to the pandemic.

Dejoy has since halted the removals of the mailboxes, opting instead to simply lock many mailboxes closed.

Saving the Postal Service from sabotage has become something of a pet cause for Hamill recently. Last week, he shared a petition calling for Dejoy's removal, which has so far garnered nearly 900,000 signatures.

And after he shared the Star Wars meme, people were 100% here for Hamill's vocal support for the USPS.

May the force be with us all in November—we're gonna need it!