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QAnon Rep. Just Slammed Fox News In Bizarre Interview With A Twitter Troll Named 'Catturd'

QAnon Rep. Just Slammed Fox News In Bizarre Interview With A Twitter Troll Named 'Catturd'
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

QAnon devotee and Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene raised eyebrows yesterday when she sat for an interview with infamous far-right Twitter troll "Catturd."

And like many of her ultra-right compatriots, the bloom is off the rose when it comes to the usual right-wing media outlets like Fox News.

Greene subtly dragged the news outlet, saying she'd rather be on "Catturd's podcast" than appear on the channel.

See the comment below.

Cat Turd is likely not well known to most liberals and progressives, but his Twitter feed and podcast are wildly popular with many of those on the far-right.

Cat Turd's content focuses on the usual far-right talking points: calling vaccines mandates fascism, insisting former Republican President Donald Trump won the 2020 election, deriding the media as merely the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, etc... etc... ad nauseum.

Greene seemed downright elated to be appearing on Cat Turd's podcast, telling the host, "I'd rather be on Cat Turd's podcast than Fox News."

Fox News has become something of a boogie man for those on the far-right, who began accusing the network of liberal bias last year because they reported that Democratic President Joe Biden had won the 2020 election.

This has led to far-right politicians like Greene increasingly choosing to appear on bizarre podcasts like Cat Turd's instead. Her interview with the provocateur covered all the usual topics: lamenting that American men have been "beat down by a bunch of crazy feminists," claiming that "we know President Trump won Georgia," and calling Democrats "communists" and "baby murderers."

And, of course, she saved time to talk about her unhinged recent 2022 campaign ad in which she blows up a Toyota Prius labeled "Socialism" with an assault rifle.

Just the usual, super-normal interview of a sitting Republican Congresswoman, no big deal.

On Twitter, Greene's appearance certainly made an impression.

Cat Turd has been around for quite some time, but he gained true notoriety late last year after former President Trump retweeted his election fraud claims.