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Washington State Arby's Manager Confesses To Urinating Into Milkshake Mix 'At Least Twice'

Washington State Arby's Manager Confesses To Urinating Into Milkshake Mix 'At Least Twice'
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At least in the United States, we've all heard the Arby's fast-food chain slogan: "Arby's! We have the meats!"

But for two days back in October 2021, one Arby's restaurant in Washington state had more than just "the meats," topped with an extra-large serving of an immoral employee.

It started when an unrelated Vancouver Police investigation lead them to Stephen Sharp, who was a night-shift manager at an Arby's location.

Sharp admitted to his crimes related to the police investigation, but added one police were not expecting.

Sharp confessed to behavior at the restaurant that could have impacted between 30 and 40 customers.

Sharp admitted he had urinated into a large container of milkshake mixture for "sexual gratification" on "at least [two]" separate occasions.

He explained he "may" have thrown away the contents of the container after the incident, but he was not sure. If he did not throw away the contents, the mixture would have been used to serve milkshakes the next day and it would be enough to serve between 30 and 40 milkshakes.

The internet was thoroughly disturbed by the findings.

The Vancouver Washington Police Department informed the Arby's franchise of their findings and Sharp's confession.

The restaurant cooperated fully with the investigation and also fired the night-shift manager immediately.

The Washington state location is also seeking out any customers who still have a receipt and who purchased food on October 30 and 31 of 2021. They've urged past customers to contact them so the situation can be rectified.

An Arby's spokesperson stated:

"Sharp's actions were abhorrent and unacceptable."
"We have taken immediate action with the franchise group who terminated the former employee, and the franchise is fully cooperating with the authorities in their investigation."

According to the Vancouver Police Department's Digital Evidence Cybercrime Unit, there is no reason to believe the franchise knew about Sharp's illegal behavior or his lewd interests.