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TikToker Says Guy At Gym Threw Weighted Ball At Her To Get Her To Move From Workout Space

TikToker Says Guy At Gym Threw Weighted Ball At Her To Get Her To Move From Workout Space

The gym is often described as an uncomfortable place for women for multiple reasons. But the incident a woman on TikTok faced while working out has taken things to a new level.

TikToker Lexi Moore, who goes by armanilex on the app, says a man threw a weighted ball at her to get her to move from the machine he wanted to use.

The situation got so out of hand that the police had to be called.

See Moore's TikTok about the incident below.

Over images of her working out, police cars and a man being handcuffed by multiple law enforcement officers, Moore summed up the situation in onscreen text on the video.

"When a man at the gym tries to bully you out of your workout space so he could be there and then proceeds to throw a weighted ball in your direction to force you to move ...all before 5am."

In her caption, Moore said none of her fellow gym goers tried to help her.

"Now I finally understand the girls who feel uncomfortable working out at the gym."
"Especially when no one comes to help you and just watches."

In a comment on the video, Moore added that the man also pushed the equipment she was using and became combative when a front desk attendant who eventually intervened asked him to leave.

Another TikTok user commented on Moore's video that he also goes to the same Eos Fitness location as Moore and that the man who harassed her has caused problems at the gym before.

In a follow-up TikTok, Moore said Eos contacted her and told her the man has been banned from her gym.

Moore's fellow TikTokers were disturbed by the incident and underlined the dangers women often face.










The gym at which the incident took place, Eos Fitness, has confirmed the man's membership has been revoked entirely because of the incident.