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Woman Horrified When Man Knifes Her Car After He Assumes She Illegally Parked In Handicap Spot

Syreeta Mack confronted James Michael Fay at a Georgia Walmart after he took a knife to her car and accused her of illegally parking in a handicap spot.

Woman Horrified When Man Knifes Her Car After He Assumes She Illegally Parked In Handicap Spot

There's being disgruntled with something, and then there's taking a knife to someone else's car—over a handicap spot.

Syreeta Mack received a terrified call from her children in her car at a Georgia Walmart. Her children said that a man was walking around the car, wielding a knife and scratching the paint. The video that her children sent gave Mack a face to find, that of James Michael Fay, which she did inside the Walmart, following him and asking him why he did such a thing.

He said it was because she was parked illegally in a handicap spot. He couldn't see the placard displayed so, naturally, he scratched her car.

Mack called the police about the situation and the police arrested Fay for a criminal trespass damage.

In an interview, Mack remarked on the importance of minding one's own business.

“People need to mind the business that pays them. If you feel like someone is doing something illegal, call the police. You don’t have to step in and be a vigilante, because you can end up being a perp instead.”

Man knifes car he thinks is parked illegally outside Ga. Walmart, police

Folks were not happy with this guy's interpretation of vigilantism.



Folk wondered how that action could occur to anyone to do.


Many people thought he should have to pay for the damage to her car.



Others doubted that this was his first offense.


Some wondered who gave him the job of enforcing parking laws.


A vocal minority of commenters did not believe Mack, however.



Someone pointed out that she'll probably display the card more prominently from now on.


Truly, a case of making sure to check all the facts in a case when investigating.


Fay, upon interview by WSB-TV, said he that will never do that again.