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Woman Attempts To Mock Same-Sex Weddings, And The Internet Clapped Back Hard

Woman Attempts To Mock Same-Sex Weddings, And The Internet Clapped Back Hard
Images by Tenyo via Getty Images, Twitter: @_Azzya

A woman who posted a homophobic tweet about a female same-sex wedding drew the ire of the internet.

"MAK" snagged a picture of the marriage of two women, and then proceeded to mock the couple in a hateful tweet that Twitter wasn't willing to tolerate.

"Gay weddings are funny. If you feel what you are doing is right why not dress as your true selves. Bride and bride. Bridegroom and Bridegroom. Why represent a concept u don't stand for?😑"

MAK's insinuation that same-sex couples should not wear traditional wedding attire underscores the importance of embracing diversity and respecting people for who they are and whom they love.

Whether it's two men, or two women, or however individuals in a committed relationship identify themselves, people have the right to dress any way they want at their wedding.

This is exactly what Twitter users said.

One user responded that "when you're privileged to understand what you stand to criticize but unfortunately you don't. She is "ANDROGYNOUS", has nothing to do with a male's sexuality or whatever concept.Don't be a sad soul sweetie, love always."

But MAK stood her ground, doubling down on her assertion that same-sex couples "neither identify as males or females." What?

Another follower pointed out that women can wear suits too.

This sentiment was repeatedly echoed in other responses.

"It's just a suit honey, calm down."

And so what if they are "bride and bride," right? They can dress however they want.