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MyPillow CEO Now Claims Trump Will Be Reinstated By The End Of The Year: 'It’s Trump 2021!'

MyPillow CEO Now Claims Trump Will Be Reinstated By The End Of The Year: 'It’s Trump 2021!'
Right Side Broadcasting Network

If you, like the QAnon contingent out there, are still reeling with disappointment former Republican President Donald Trump was not re-instated as President on August 13 like conspiracy theorists claimed he would be, we have good news.

MyPillow CEO and Trump-obsessed crackpot Mike Lindell, who was one of the leading proponents of the August 13th reinstatement nonsense, nowsays that Trump will be President again by the end of the year. Phew!

On what basis does he claim this?

Oh, none whatsoever, as usual. Here's a video clip of his theory if you feel like taking a trip into an alternate universe.

Lindell made his comments at a rally Trump held in Cullman, Alabama over the weekend. Speaking to far-right conspiracy theory media network Right Side Broadcasting Network, Lindell claimed Trump will be come into office on December 20, 2021.

"It has to happen now, it's 12 20 2021, it's 12 20 2021."

Lindell then repeated his frequent--and totally false--election fraud claims as a rallying cry for Trump's supporters.

"When you steal an election, you don't just steal an election and we're going to sit here and go, 'OK, let's wait for 2020 — or let's wait for 2024. I'll tell you what, it's Trump 2021!"

Those "election theft" claims are so false they've landed Lindell as the defendant in a $1.3 billion-dollar defamation lawsuit brought by election security firm Dominion Voting Systems, whom Lindell has repeatedly claimed helped Democratic President Joe Biden cheat his way to the White House.

But that didn't stop Lindell from repeating the claims, then moving on to a theory that the Supreme Court may call a redo on the 2020 election to remedy the extraordinary fraud that did not even happen.

That prospect has absolute zero probability of ever happening because it would be in total violation of the Constitution conservatives hold so dear. But even if they did so so, Lindell seems more focused on revenge than victory. He next called for Trump supporters to jail everyone involved in the 2020 election.

"Remember, everybody, we have to melt down the [voting] machines to make prison bars out of them."

On Twitter, Lindell's unhinged nonsense elicited copious eyerolls and roasts.

Amplified by people like Lindell, many on the right have believed Trump will return to power on several dates through 2021, including January 6, the day of the Capitol insurrection, to March 4, the day they believed Trump would be named the 19th President of the corporation that supposedly actually rules America.