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Lil Nas X Epically Responds After Newsmax Host Calls Him A 'Little Fool With Zero Talent' For Grammys Performance

Lil Nas X Epically Responds After Newsmax Host Calls Him A 'Little Fool With Zero Talent' For Grammys Performance
Newsmax; Rich Fury/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

The right-wing pundits at Newsmax watched Lil Nas X perform at the Grammys and they didn't like what they saw.


Lil Nas X may have stolen the show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, but the far-right network's star anchor Greg Kelly had nothing nice to say about the rapper and singer, despite the set being downright wholesome by modern standards.

And in typically epic fashion, Lil Nas X didn't seem the least bit bothered.

When Kelly lashed out at him on Twitter, he clapped back with the perfect faux-triggered response, seen below.

Quote tweeting Kelly's tweet about him, Lil Nas X responded:

"damn greg all i did was wear a crop top this time 😭😭"

It was the perfect response to Kelly's melodramatic, pearl clutching tweet, in which he histrionically linked all of America's problems to Lil Nas X's performance, without offering a single detail to make it even remotely make sense.

Kelly tweeted:

"‘Lil NAS has a BIG PROBLEM (And so does America)—-knock yourself out NAS. You’re a little FOOL with zero talent!!!!"

Kelly's explosion is particularly ridiculous given how comparatively tame Lil Nas X's performance was at this year's Grammys.

His chiseled abs revealed beneath a bejeweled crop top was about as salacious as it got. There weren't even any depictions of anal sex with Satan or anything.

But for Kelly, Lil Nas X also laying his hands on his own body was apparently a bridge too far.

He had an absolute meltdown in response to Lil Nas X's response, which made the whole thing even funnier.

Kelly's tweet read:

"It's not the shirt NAS---it was the PUBLIC LEWDNESS."
"You know there are LAWS about that in certain 'jurisdictions'---but then again you were in VEGAS so who the hell knows."
"Bottom line: SING AND DANCE but no public self GROPING. DECENCY!"

Breathe, Greg.

Prince and Madonna were doing more salacious performances 40 years ago. You're gonna be okay.

On Twitter, people loved Lil Nas X's clapback and joined him in roasting Kelly.

Lil Nas X may have lost all five Grammys he was nominated for, but he absolutely won the internet.

Especially after instead of insulting Kelly back, he simply apologized that his performance didn't appeal to Kelly.

A classy response.

So much so that Kelly eventually apologized for his undeserved insults thrown at Lil Nas X.

We wish Kelly a speedy recovery from the harrowing ordeal of viewing a talented queer Black man's bare midriff.