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We Could Watch Leslie Jones Hilariously Freaking Out While Announcing Emmy Nominations All Day

We Could Watch Leslie Jones Hilariously Freaking Out While Announcing Emmy Nominations All Day
Television Academy/YouTube

It's safe to assume everyone involved was excited about the Emmy nominations yesterday. But it seems unlikely even the nominees were quite as excited as Leslie Jones was while announcing them.

The actress and comedian could barely contain her joy with practically every announcement—no, scratch that, she just didn't even bother to try to contain it—and it was everything we all need in 2020.

You can watch her enthusiastic announcements here.

72nd Emmy Awards Nominations

Motion to nominate Leslie Jones for an Emmy for her performance while announcing nominations for the Emmys.

Despite being up at the crack of dawn to deliver the announcement—the broadcast began at 8:30am Pacific time—Jones brought the kind of contagious energy to the show that could make even people who don't care about things like the Emmys catch Emmy fever.

Jones opened up by exercising her stand-up chops, getting off a few jokes about how nobody was in the studio because of social distancing and the trials and travails of air travel in the time of a pandemic.

Then, Jones gleefully welcomed her co-presenters Laverne Cox, Tatiana Maslany and Josh Gad, joking around and doing bits with each one of them as they presented their nominees.

But it was when it was Jones's turn to announce nominees that she really shone. Jones simply could not contain her excitement while announcing the Best Comedy Series nominees, basically losing her mind when her favorite shows title's came up.

A few representative quotes?

Jones on Netflix's Dead To Me:

"'Dead To Me'--I love that show!"

On NBC's The Good Place:


On HBO's Insecure:

"inseCU-HUUUUUUURE!! INsecure!"

And she had no shortage of excitement for her favorite actors either.

Actor Zendaya got a similarly effusive tribute, while Octavia Spencer and Regina King also got shout-outs that were just dripping with pure joy.

"Congratulations, Octavia! Regina! Oh my goodness, this is a great day!"

And on social media, of course, people were 100% here for Jones's enthusiasm.

If Jones gets this excited about the Emmys, just imagine the kind of glee she'll bring to the upcoming reboot of the classic 90s game show Supermarket Sweep.

It'll be enough to carry us through the entire decade, at least!