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Guy Gets Instantly Trolled After He Shares His Design For A Chic Leather Face Mask On Twitter


As this pandemic stretches on, we're all getting a crash course in face masks.

So naturally, clothing makers, artisans, people into arts and crafts are getting creative.

But a man in Johannesburg, South Africa has maybe made things a bit too innovative.

He's crafted a face mask from leather that, while aesthetically pleasing, has left Twitter asking "Ok but how do you breathe tho?"

Sentletse Diakanyo is a luxury furniture designer who thought he'd try his hand at making masks from leftover material in his workshop.

He cooked up a truly beautiful mask from a luxurious-looking piece of creme-colored leather.

Speaking with BuzzFeed News, Diakanyo spoke about what inspired his new mask.

"People want something different... I always have leather and fabric off-cuts from the furniture upholstery which I don't use and face masks became the obvious product to use them for given the demand at the moment."

It's a very cool idea, and in today's eco-conscious world, we all love a process that puts resources to alternate use instead of just discarding them.

But how do you breathe through leather?

For his part, Diakanyo says he plans to address this detail.

"It will have cotton lining inside and perforation. It's not hot at all and easy to breathe in [compared to] some cloth faces masks I've tried. Besides, we're heading into winter in South Africa."

But that update didn't stop Twitter from mercilessly roasting Diakanyo's mask.

For his part, Diakanyo has kept his sense of humor, replying to the jokes with funny memes and gifs.

If he can actually design a way for this mask to both work and allow people to breathe, he just might get the last laugh after all.