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Lauren Boebert Dragged Hard After Boasting On Twitter About Befriending A Goat

Lauren Boebert Dragged Hard After Boasting On Twitter About Befriending A Goat
Win McNamee/Getty Images; Alfons Hauke/Getty Images

Republican Representative Lauren Boebert is no stranger to getting dragged on Twitter--in fact, it often seems like the freshman congresswoman courts drama and enjoys face-planting.

But her latest controversy doesn't have anything to do with her offensive political stances or trolling tweets. During the Labor Day holiday, Boebert tweeted an upbeat photo-op of her petting a goat at a farm, which she called her "new friend." But the goat seems at best unenthused about--maybe even downright disgusted by--its new acquaintance.

Naturally, the internet is roasting her like a hot dog at a Labor Day barbecue because there's no way around it—that goat is side-eyeing Boebert and side-eyeing her hard.

See the photo below.

That is the shadiest goat in all of animal history. You can practically hear its "If you don't get your hand off me I swear to God" inner monologue.Even funnier is the caption Boebert included with the photo:

"I made a new friend yesterday!"

Ma'am, read the barnyard, no you emphatically did not!

Maybe the goat is a Democrat?

In any case, the internet was perhaps primed and ready for this perfect roasting opportunity, since Boebert has spent nearly the entirety of September committing a series of gaffes.

Earlier in the Labor Day weekend, Boebert attributed a quote to second president of the United States John Adams that was actually spoken by Samuel Adams--a fellow founding father, sure, but best known as the namesake brewer of Samuel Adams beer.

Just before that, she demanded that Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris be impeached for not invoking the 25th Amendment and having Democratic President Joe Biden removed from office over his handling of the crisis in Afghanistan.

So when the goat photo dropped, Twitter was at the ready, and the roast was fiery hot.

Boebert also joined fellow Republicans Marjorie Taylor Greene and Madison Cawthorn (along with 8 others) in sending a threatening letter to the wrong person in the Yahoo! c-suite over the company's compliance in a House investigation into the January 6 insurrection. The hits just keep coming.