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Lady Gaga Tweeted That 'Fame Is Prison' And Amanda Knox Replied With A Brutally Blunt Correction

On Thursday, October 24, Lady Gaga sent out a simple statement on Twitter.

Without context, the singer and actress posted:

Gaga's tweet, an apparent comment on the nature of celebrity culture, immediately went viral, generating countless jokes and observations.

One critique came from Amanda Knox, who spent four years in an Italian prison for the alleged murder of her roommate before she was acquitted of the charge.

Many people quickly sounded off in support of Knox.

A couple people did think Lady Gaga might have had a point...

But, for the most part, people seemed to think Gaga's tweet didn't take prison quite seriously enough.

Fame is most definitely difficult, but comparing incredible wealth and privilege to incarceration was a bridge too far for many.

Amanda Knox returned to the thread a little bit later to make it clear she had no personal beef with Gaga.

Knox has dreams of a Gaga duet, but as someone who's gotten a helping of both, she had to make it clear: fame is nothing like prison.

Amanda Knox's book, Waiting to Be Heard: A Memoir, is available here.

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