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Kim Kardashian's Dress At Milan Fashion Week Was So Tight She Had To Jump Up Stairs

Kim Kardashian's Dress At Milan Fashion Week Was So Tight She Had To Jump Up Stairs

As always, Kim Kardashian's appearance at Milan Fashion Week has made quite a splash after she walked a red carpet in a shimmery silver Dolce & Gabbana gown.

But glittery as the gown was, it wasn't it's opulence that caught the most attention, but rather the fact it was so tight Kardashian could barely walk in it.

And climbing stairs?

Forget about it.

The dress barely had room for a normal gait let alone a bent knee for going up steps. So Kardashian did what anyone would do in this situation.

She jumped—in stilettos no less.

Kardashian posted a clip of herself bunny-hopping up the steps at a Milan venue on her Instagram Story.

Screen captures of the video have gone instantly viral, including the one below posted to TikTok by Kardashian's friend and former assistant Stephanie Shepherd.

It gives a glimpse into Kardashian's very glamorous struggle.


I’ll let you caption this ⬇️

The video shows Kardashian doing a sort of penguin walk in the gown, which tapers towards the ankle to a narrow hem that makes normal walking impossible unless ripping Dolce & Gabbana's creation is the plan.

A penguin shuffle is all well and good until you get to stairs of course, and here is where Kardashian hit a metaphorical snag. She can be seen attempting to climb the stairs like a normal person but after trying and failing to find a way to get her foot up without tearing the gown, she gives up and starts bunny-hopping.

And she does it all in sky-high silver stilettos to boot.

As the video goes on to show, getting into a car in the gown is no small feat, either. Kardashian had to back herself up against the seats of the van she was riding in and jump backwards into a laying position to prevent tearing the skin tight gown.

Talk about suffering for your art.

On TikTok, people were definitely impressed by Kim's dedication to the look.





And of course the video spawned no shortage of jokes.






Kardashian was in Milan to showcase her contribution to the Dolce & Gabbana Spring & Summer 2023 line, which she collaborated on alongside the iconic fashion duo.