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Kim Kardashian Admitted Which Rumors About Her Are True—And Some Of Them Are Truly Bizarre

The reality TV star fielded questions from Jimmy Kimmel over various bizarre rumors about her, almost all of which turned out to be true.

Kim Kardashian
Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

There's no denying there are a lot of weird rumors about the Kardashian-Jenner family. And, as with most celebrities, some of the rumors seem way too bizarre to be entirely true.

Every once in a while, a wild rumor will turn out to be true, and who better to be involved in a big reveal session than Kim Kardashian?

While on set for Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kardashian shared some interesting details about her younger life.

Like living next door to Madonna when she was seven and eight years old, walking the singer's dog after school in exchange for neon jewelry that she was "phasing out" from the '80s.

Or how she lived next door to the pop star again in her adult years, only making the discovery when the two mothers recognized each other in disguise while escorting their children door to door for trick-or-treating.

And yes, Kardashian is also one of those moms who throws the Halloween candy out after the big night is over.

But in the evening's final segment, Kimmel pointed out that people often write posts online that are far-fetched, but maybe not so far-fetched that it was easy to tell they're fabrications, especially in the celebrity world.

So Kimmel read some of his favorite examples, with Kardashian confirming whether or not they were true.

Kimmel first asked:

"Is it true you blow dry all of your jewelry before you put it on?"

Kardashian confirmed that was true, as she doesn't like any cold metal to touch her body.

"Very true. Because I hate being freezing, and when you put on cold jewelry or anything with a zipper, I just need it warm."

Next, Kimmel asked:

"You have someone take the Starbucks sleeve off your coffee because you hate the sound of cardboard?"

This was similarly true, as Kardashian compared cardboard dragging on a coffee cup to "nails on a chalkboard."

"Yes, that's true. And I hate the feeling."
"Whoever I'm with, [I ask them to take the sleeve off for me]. I just can't see it being done, or I can't hear it, or I can't feel it. The cardboard getting moved off the cup is like nails on a chalkboard to me."

Interestingly, Kimmel asked:

"You celebrated your 14th birthday at Neverland Ranch?"

With no other explanation, Kardashian confirmed:

"I did."

Laughing, Kimmel asked:

"You had your own workout DVD called, 'Kim Kardashian: Fit in Your Jeans by Friday'?"

Also laughing, Kardashian confirmed:

"True! But that was a long... A long, long time ago."

You can watch the Q & A segment here:

Kim Kardashian on Living Next to Madonna, Push-Up Bra with Nipples & Which Online Rumors are

Some viewers agreed that the rumors were weird, and perhaps even weirder because they were true.

While Kardashian does not have six toes, and while those non-existent "spare toes" weren't used to model the nipples for her shapewear line (thanks for that odd visual, Kimmel), some of the true rumors were pretty bizarre.

From entertaining how cringy that workout video from "a long, long time ago" must be to imagining what her 14th birthday party must have been like at Neverland Ranch, there are definitely some things to ponder.