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Kevin Smith Reveals One Of His Best Films Isn't Streaming Because Harvey Weinstein Is 'Holding It Hostage'

Kevin Smith Reveals One Of His Best Films Isn't Streaming Because Harvey Weinstein Is 'Holding It Hostage'
Steve Granitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images; Johannes Eisele/AFP via Getty Images

It's nigh impossible to get your hands on a copy of Kevin Smith's movie Dogma. It's entirely absent on streaming services and Blu-ray and DVD copies can fetch over $100.


As Smith revealed in a recent interview, it's because Harvey Weinstein has the rights to it.

And he isn't letting go any time soon.

“He’s holding it hostage. My movie about angels is owned by the devil himself."

Weinstein as recently as 2017 proposed a sequel to Smith's movie, but then only a week later became embroiled in the scandal that changed Hollywood then other industries and environments for good.

A bombshell expose and investigation into Weinstein's decades-long string of sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations revitalized the #MeToo movement and empowered survivors to speak out.

Smith was, reasonably, quick to drop the entire idea of working with Weinstein.

Now he just wants his movie back.

“My movie about heaven is in limbo."

Reactions to the story have been mixed.

On the one hand, many people really loved Dogma and want it to be available for purchase either in hard copy or to join the rest of Smith's corpus of work on streaming services.

Others were gleefully sharing they don't have a problem as they have the film from its original release.

One person commented on Smith's assertion Weinstein is "the devil himself."

On the other hand, some people noted it's interesting Smith is so salty about Weinstein having the rights these days.

Weinstein and Smith, they assert, were artistically more collaborative than Smith's current complaint implies.

Others put it more succinctly.

However, as people pointed out, Smith probably has enough fans of specifically Dogma to be able to buy the rights back, if Weinstein will part with them.

And Smith seems willing to make that deal, ironically, with the Devil.

“I’ll work on a ‘Dogma’ anything, as long as he has no more ties to it,” Smith told his lawyers, according to the interview with The Wrap.

Smith and his lawyers reached out about buying back the rights “which we felt very dirty about because we didn’t want to give him money.”

“But at the same time, it’s like my movie and he’s got it...And if there’s only one way out of this, maybe we could buy it away.”

Or maybe the fans could if they could stomach a similar Faustian bargain.

Maybe sometime in the next few years you'll be able to switch on a streaming service and show Dogma to younger generations.

Or maybe not.