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GOP Missouri Senator's Election Fraud Claims Come Back To Bite Him After His Team Loses The Super Bowl

Bill O'Leary-Pool/Getty Images

Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri may have played a karmic role in the Kansas City Chiefs' 31-9 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during this past Sunday's Super Bowl.

Hawley, who has been the target of national criticism since leading Senate Republicans' effort to overturn millions of votes and helping to incite an insurrection against the capital, took to Twitter before the game began on Sunday, February 7, to express his support for the Chiefs.

The Chiefs went on to be destroyed by the Buccaneers in a surprising upset, the first double-digit loss of Patrick Mahomes' career.

Many on Twitter suspected Hawley's fandom might have been responsible.

Twitter users everywhere joked Hawley would likely be attempting to overthrow the game's results in the Senate.

Many of the GOP's undemocratic talking points came back to haunt Hawley online.

Though Tom Brady is a divisive figure in popular culture, many people who normally rooted against him were glad he lead to Josh Hawley's disappointment.

Who could have been responsible for the Chiefs' loss?

Calls for Hawley's resignation have continued since January 6 and it seems the Senator can't even find a moment of peace online to root for his football team without being reminded of his transgressions.