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Jeb Bush Criticizes Marco Rubio for his Inaction on Immigration Policy

Jeb Bush Criticizes Marco Rubio for his Inaction on Immigration Policy
(Sean Rayford/Getty Images)

Jeb Bush is very concerned for the Republican party's position in the upcoming fall election.

The former early front-runner as 2016's Republican presidential candidate denounced Trump's leadership conduct and said the party would be in a precarious position in November unless they take action.

Bush told USA Today, "If the election is nationalized and it's not about the economy, then we'll lose. If it's about the economy and it's driven by state or district interest, incumbents can do well."

Bush was particularly disappointed in one member of the political party.

He criticized Marco Rubio for lacking initiative in pushing for changes in immigration policy.

Rubio was another former GOP presidential candidate in the 2016 election and was a part of a bipartisan group of politicians who helped revamp immigration in the Senate in 2013, but now, he's been silent on matters concerning the fate of DACA.

Bush believes Rubio shouldn't rest on his laurels since there is more work to be done.

God forbid you actually took on something that was controversial and paid a political price. That's the attitude in D.C. right now. Certainly Sen. Rubio is no different in that regard. Marco is a talented guy and he understands this issue really well, and maybe behind the scenes he's working hard. But at some point, his leadership would be really helpful.

Some supported Bush's view of Marco's lack of motivation.

Marco's involvement with immigration in 2013 is regarded as a questionable accomplishment. Perhaps one with baggage.

Bush told USA Today that Trump's erratic behavior could be the downfall of the GOP.

The character of the guy and the (turnover) and fighting, and just the constant chaos around his presidency that is self-inflicted has made it hard for him. I want the president to succeed. I don't think he will succeed if he continues on this path.

The White House drafted a plan on Thursday that would grant U.S. citizenship to over 1.8 million undocumented DREAMers, but under the condition that $25 billion would go towards funding for the border wall.

Both parties locked heads over the plan, with Democrats opposed to reducing legal immigration and Republicans wanting to prevent offering more U.S. citizenship.

A compromise would need to be reached by February 8.

"The left and the right have figured out that this is a great political wedge issue," Bush said. "It's not a moral issue or an economic issue. It's purely an issue of, 'How do we poll this to make sure our team, our tribe, does better?"

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