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'Mad Men' Star January Jones Just Went On A Viral Rant About The Name 'Jim'—And It's Everything

Jones took to her Instagram stories to sound off on the name 'Jim' in a bizarre rant, and fans are kind of here for it.

January Jones
Amy Sussman/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Actor January Jones—best known for her role as Betty Draper on Mad Men—took to her Instagram Stories to share her candid reaction upon learning that the name Jim is short for James. The actor expressed her unfiltered thoughts on the seemingly mundane realization, sparking amusement among her fans.

Jones began by detailing her contemplation about the name Jim, describing it as a "weird name" that doesn't appear to be short for anything meaningful. She even humorously speculated on how the iconic love interest in Titanic, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, might have fared with the name Jim instead of Jack.

To her surprise, when Jones shared her musings with her family, they informed her that Jim is, indeed, a diminutive of James. This revelation left the Mad Men star 'furious' and questioning how the name Jim emerged from James. She humorously mentioned the fleeting thought of "Jimothy" crossing her mind during the process.

Jones wrote:

“Last night I spent a good 30 minutes laying in bed pondering the name Jim. Like, what a weird name."
"It’s not short for anything, it doesn’t mean anything. Imagine if Rose’s love interest in Titanic was named Jim, would you even care if he froze? Prob not."
“I relayed these thoughts to my family this morning and my mom said that Jim is short for James and I’m furious, how did someone get to Jim from James? So stupid."
"I’m so ashamed that the word Jimothy was in my brain for a few minutes. I can never get that time back.”
“And sorry to the Jims, I mean no disrespect. Also sorry to my family for how I am."

You can see her post below.

Screenshot of January Jones' Instagram post@januaryjones/Instagram

Jones' fans were clearly very entertained.

Is Jones aware that her Mad Men character's name is also a nickname?

Jones, who since Mad Men has continued to appear on shows like The Last Man on Earth, has pleased fans with her lighthearted and humorous social media posts.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, she delighted her 1.1 million Instagram followers by sharing candid and amusing posts that reflected the challenges of life in quarantine.

Notably, she posted a video showcasing her dancing while adorned with a light therapy mask, all while enjoying a casual sip of beer from a can.