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This iPhone Hack For Closing All Of Your Safari Tabs At The Same Time Is A Total Game Changer 😮

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I'm on a mission to Marie Kondo my life.

I've already tackled my bathroom and clothes, but every time I'm on my phone and computer I realize how many extra (and unnecessary) apps and downloaded files I have. So, when I found out about the hack that closes all of my Safari tabs at once, I knew I needed it ASAP.

This hack is specifically for iPhone Safari users (sorry, Android people).

If you have accumulated way too many tabs, none of which spark joy anymore, you can close out of all of them with one simple step.

All you do is open Safari, hold down on the bottom right hand button (it looks like 2 rectangles stacked to signify "tabs").

Once you hold this down, the option will come up to close all of your tabs, close just the tab you're on, create a new private tab, or create a new normal tab.

Who knew?!

People everywhere are freaking out about this new time saver.

It's tricks like these that really spark joy for me.